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Research Areas

Image Technology

Face recognition

Audio recognition

OCR recognition


Makeup-Go: Blind Reversion of Portrait Edit

Detail-revealing Deep Video Super-resolution

3D Graph Neural Networks for RGBD Semantic Segmentation


Application Areas

Youtu GrandEye Police system is a face retrieval engine, oriented by security and protection demands, based on multiple-scene high-volume databases and integrating self-developed deep learning and cluster computing. It is an intelligent massive face retrieval solution promoted for multiple scenes such as searching, deployment and control, criminal investigation and case handling, security and protection activities and social services.


Our Team

Dr. Jiaya Jia

Distinguished Scientist of Tencent YouTu Lab

Dr. Jiaya Jia is a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtains his PhD degree in computer science of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He joined Tencent as the distinguished scientist and director of Tencent YouTu Lab. Dr. Jia is a leading expert in computer vision. In Tencent, he is responsible for fundamental and applied research in key fields of artificial intelligence, including image processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning. Dr. Jiaya Jia published 100+ top conference and journal papers and created a number of practical computer vision techniques. Before joining Tencent, Dr. Jiaya Jia collaborated with and was funded by a variety of organizations, including Microsoft Reserch, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and Adobe. Dr. Jiaya Jia has served as area chair of International Conference of Computer Vision (ICCV) and IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) for several times. With his outstanding contributions on image de-blurring techniques, Dr. Jiaya Jia elevated to IEEE Fellow in 2018.


Simon Wu

General manager of Tencent YouTu Lab

Simon holds a Master degree in Computer Science of Peking University. Since YouTu Lab was set up in 2012, Simon was leading YouTu Lab to focus on technology research and application in key fields of artificial intelligence, including image processing, machine learning and deep learning. Now YouTu Lab has grown into the top AI laboratory in China. With his rich technology research and product experience, Simon has been responsible for QQ Video, QQ Cyclone, QQ Browser, Pitu, since he joined Tencent in 2007.


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